Dental X-Rays

25 Feb 2015

We are very pleased to announce the addition of digital dental x-rays to our state-of-the-art radiography equipment.

Veterinary dental radiographs allow us to see the area beneath our patients’ gum line, where up to 75% of tooth structure lies. By taking full mouth radiographs, we can more accurately diagnose very common problems such as abscessed or broken teeth.

We use digital dental x-rays to best visualise the teeth and surrounding structures. Without x-rays, many of our patients would suffer in silence with a painful mouth.

Many painful dental conditions may come on gradually and many owners of pets with painful mouths think that their pet is just “getting older,” or is a “little grumpy due to age.” Because our pets often don’t show obvious pain, x-rays allow us to identify problems much earlier – problems such as periodontal disease, tooth root