Our Values

C is for Compassion

  • genuine care and consideration for all creatures, especially patients within our care
  • empathy for our clients and their own personal situations
  • endeavouring to reduce stress and minimise pain involved with pets’ visits here

H is for Healing

  • the relief of disease or suffering and restoration to health
  • prevention of diseases, injuries or problems whenever possible
  • promoting physical, psychological and emotional well-being

V is for Vision

  • to see the wider picture, not just the problems in front of us
  • belief in achieving our goals and ideals – to be the best we can be
  • recognise the importance of the “human-animal bond” – because pets are family
  • to use education and awareness as tools in disease prevention

H is for Honesty

  • “no hidden secrets” regarding a pet’s prognosis, diagnosis, likely costs and our abilities
  • open-house policy – we love to give tours of our hospital
  • integrity – always putting what is right and what is best for the patient first