Vanessa Read

Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Diploma in Veterinary Nursing (General Practice)
Certificate in Companion Animal Behaviour

I’ve worked at CHVH since August 2010 having spent most of my career working overseas in London and the Middle East in the financial services sector.   During this time I participated in a wildlife volunteer programme in Namibia and whilst sleeping under the stars with cheetahs purring next to me I decided I wanted to do what truly made me happy and work with animals.

So, I headed back to Australia and studied Animals Studies at TAFE and was soon fortunate enough to join the CHVH family. I love studying and learning and have also completed my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and the Diploma in Veterinary Nursing (General Practice).

I’ve also undertaken other animal volunteer programmes including working with elephants in Thailand, orangutans in Borneo and sloths in Costa Rica.

So, the cats aren’t quite as big as in Namibia and the dogs (usually) not as naughty as orangutans here at CHVH, but my true passion is caring for the animals that are part of your family and striving to ensure that they lead happy and healthy lives and that they enjoy their visits and stays at CHVH.   I have a particular interest in surgery nursing, emergency cases and clinical pathology.

I have a crazy furry gang of my own including 3 cats and four dogs all named after food or other animals such as Monkey, Elephant, Dijon and Mustard.